Crooked River

The Crooked River offers exciting year-round fly fishing action for rainbow trout and it’s the best river in Central Oregon for your introduction to fly fishing. The river flows from the base of Prineville Reservoir through a deep canyon of rim rock, wandering through a magnificent desert canyon.

Quantity is the adjective often applied while describing fly fishing on the Crooked River. With an estimated 3000 trout per mile, it's easy to see why this river is such a great place for beginners to the sport of fly fishing. Experts will also enjoy casting dry flies, and catching dozens of rainbow trout. Averaging 8-10 inches, these trout mimic their Deschutes River cousin's power and strength. 

The Crooked River is open to fly fishing all year long, with the best fishing being in the late winter and early spring, early summer, and fall. Like all rivers in the west, the Crooked has prolific hatches of mayflies, midges, and caddis.  

Fly fishers should concentrate their attention on the first 7 miles below Bowman dam. This is where most of the fish reside. Working through runs, riffles, and pocket water will usually offer a variety of useful techniques and reward with nice numbers of fish hooked. The most popular methods are typical nymphing under an indicator as well as presenting dry flies in all the “fishy” spots. These trout are not tippet shy. Because of the slightly off-color water anglers can work in close quarters with their quarry. For all these reasons the Crooked has gained popularity over the last few years. Therefor it is not a river to fish for seclusion. But for a river where beauty, fun and fish all come in equal abundance, the Crooked simply can’t be beat.  

We offer both Half Day Trips and Full Day trips on the Crooked River.


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