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Nikolai Sposato

Nikolai Sposato

Nikolai brings passion and a positive spirit to the DCO team. He grew up in Eugene and has lived in Ashland, Portland, and Hood River. Nikolai has a genuine love for being on the water and simply enjoys sharing it with other people. He appreciates all the people that he has met through fly-fishing, from clients to other folks in the industry. He really likes the sense of community that stems from fly fishing.

Nikolai spent two summers in Montana, working as the chef at an Orvis-endorsed lodge on the Yellowstone River. It was there in Montana where he realized that his career might shift from the kitchen to the water.

Nikolai spends his winters working for a college basketball scouting service. Winter is also a time when he enjoys skiing (resorts and backcountry) and swinging flies for steelhead. When he isn’t on the water, he also enjoys tying flies, cooking, and playing basketball.

Nikolai graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Geography in 2008.